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The Angel Claw Experience

Starting in 2023, Angel Claw Studio has grown to be so much more than just pinstriping; it has helped me step into the person I am today. 

I am a lifelong artist who was first introduced to biker culture when my mom got with my stepdad, Chicken (AKA The Chickenman, AKA The White Winged Warrior, AKA etc.), when I was 16. Meeting Chicken was a total shock to me, as I had never met anyone so absolutely well, cool, in my life. You see, Chicken builds choppers has won numerous awards for his builds, he's traveled the country on his 1984 Heritage Softail, lovingly referred to as "Cincinnati Red," with nothing on him but his beard and a duffle bag; he is the embodiment of an old-school biker. Even though I didn’t realize it at the time, subconsciously I idolized him and everything he stood for; I wanted to be like him when I grew up and experience the freedom that he had. I never anticipated that I would ever be brave enough to see it actualized, that is until I started the Studio.

The first time I went to the Buckeye Bounty Farm (Chickens Home) it was as though the world ceased existing outside the walls of the corn that surrounded me. Stepping into the garage, I had been transported to 1976. The walls around me were plastered with photos of bikers from decades past, trophies from the Rat bikes Chick had built sat on shelves, and other miscellaneous memorabilia collected through the years sat on all other available surfaces. Dayton Bike Week and Sturgis flags hung from the rafters in the old garage, swaying, while I sat at an old oak table in the soft summer breeze sipping a White Claw. The melodic notes that Jimi Hendrix played over the radio (seemingly a private concert for us) wafted through the night air and into the Milky Way outside, only accompanied by the ripping solos of Harley's flying down the country road outside. Knuckleheads, Panheads, Shovelheads galore; I was enamored, as most would be. Then I saw it, the 1936 International Panel Truck; I fell in love. The truck was amazing, but the artwork on it is what really caught my eye; it was covered in Von Dutch pinstripe work, cloaked in a wrap-around airbrushed David Mann mural, as well as an Indian Larry tribute painting. I had so many questions about it. Chicken told me all about Von Dutch and Ed Roth, and I took it from there. I bought my first pinstriping kit in 2021 and haven’t looked back.

My introduction to chopper culture over a decade ago has changed me forever. Along the way, I found myself and lost my inhibitions. I stopped letting my fear rule me and I challenged myself to face the things that scared me the most. I decided to be brave. I started riding, showing the world my art, and being authentic to who I am; not who the world wants me to be.  I refuse to be kept in a box for the comfort of others; I did that for 26 years.   I owe everything to chopper culture; this community has built me into who I am, empowered me to laugh in the face of those who doubt me, directed me to some pretty outstanding people, and has given me the gift of freedom.  My dream for Angel Claw Studio is to leave a lasting mark on the chopper community and empower others.

Well, that's a little tid-bit on who I am and what Angel Claw Studio is.  Thank you for being here and reading this. It would mean the world if you followed me on this journey and reached out. I would love to connect with you and maybe even paint you a commissioned piece!

Find me on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram at Angel Claw Pinstriping, or email me at AngelClaw@AngelClawStudio.Com

Love always,

Angel Claw

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