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Copy of Copy of Copy of White Orange Gradient Photocentric Music Festival Poster (Posters)

Welcome to Angel Claw Studio!

Meet Angel Claw

Angel Claw Studio is my art business based in Ohio, founded in 2023 by me,  Angel Claw, a born and bred chopper-chick. I started as a pinstriping business and have since expanded to include hand-painted pieces, vintage-inspired posters, and clothing. My goal is to offer a unique experience by drawing inspiration from vintage Harley Davidson motors, motorcycle rallies and rodeos, chopping motorcycles, and music from the best decade, the 70's.  I believe that art comes in many forms, including painting, clothing and style, and building choppers. My blog features wild and free stories from my biker lifestyle, overcoming fear, and keeping old-school biker culture alive. I hope you enjoy my work!

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